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WGC financial modelling and decision support service - help businesses and organisations make informed decisions with respect to strategy - restructuring - financing (debt and equity) - grant applications - capital expenditure - mergers and acquisitions.

WGC have experience in building a wide range of financial models from relatively simple forecast models for smaller businesses to complex long-term forecast models incorporating a wide range of inputs and assumptions for multiple businesses and markets.

Key benefits include: 

  • Simple analysis of complex issues

  • De risk decision making by identifying key drivers and their financial implications

  • Facilitate sensitivity analysis of any input or variable

  • Ongoing use of robust tailor-made financial models that have the ability to flex as the business and/or markets change

  • Improved visibility of potential future outcomes with our research and forecasting tools 

WGC Services Include:

  • 3-way Financial Models with sensitivity analysis

  • Project Cash Flows

  • Tailor made models for:

        -  Existing Businesses 

        -  New products or Services

        -  Acquisitions

        -  Capital Rising 

        -  Leveraged Buyouts

        -  Start-up Commercialisation Plans 


WGC have assisted a wide variety of business  including:


  • High Net Worth Family Groups

  • Large Corporates

  • Not For Profit Orginisations

  • SME's

  • Start-ups and Early Stage businesses. 

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