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Security Policy

WGC Business Advisors take data security very seriously. To that end, WGC Business Advisors are proud to announce that the Firm uses Secure HTTPS/SSL encryption when Clients and/or Guests are logged in.

WGC Business Advisors has created this Security Policy to explain how WGC Business Advisors treats personal information that the Firm collects and receives from Clients and/or Guests (such as Client and/or Guest Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Credit Card, and any other information that is not otherwise publicly available) and the security of the Firm website.

WGC Business Advisors goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality and integrity of any sensitive information Clients and/or Guests provide to WGC Business Advisors over the Internet. WGC Business Advisors treats data as mission critical data that must be guarded at all times against loss and unauthorised access.

Wherever sensitive information is requested on the WGC Business Advisors website and/or Application, it is processed by a secure server infrastructure and encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption prior to transmission.

SSL is a proven coding system that lets the browser automatically encrypt, or scramble, data before being sent to a Web site or application. SSL is the industry-standard method for protection data transmission on the internet. SSL security protocols allow for data encryption, server authentication, and real peace-of-mind. SSL support is built into all major browsers, so there is no additional action required on part of Clients and/or Guests.

Check Security 

When there is a hit at an SSL protected page, data is encrypted as it leaves the computer and cannot be decrypted until it reaches the Firm server. This means that nobody can ‘snoop’ the information being sent by Clients and/or Guests while it travels through cyberspace.

A small lock appears on any secured page - click that lock on the actual page and this shows that the security of the page has been verified by world-leading online security firm Verisign.

The details Clients and/or Guests provide are safely stored on the Firms secure e-commerce server.

While WGC Business Advisors strives to protect Client and/or Guest information as a priority, no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure as the Internet is a Public Network. Hence, it is always encouraged to be mindful of security when sending sensitive information over the Internet.

Contact Details 

If there are any questions about this Security Policy - please address to the Security Officer WGC Business Advisors Pty Ltd PO Box 18056, Collins St East, Melbourne VIC 8003 Ph (03) 9654 1811 Fx (03) 9654 1717 Email:

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