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Fair Use Policy

WGC Business Advisors is operated on behalf of its Clients and Directors. To ensure the continued availability of services, WGC Business Advisors has a ‘Fair Use Policy’ to make sure services are not subject to misuse.

Excessive Use 
Excessive use is a continuing and unreasonably disproportionate use of the service when compared to other users. In the case of WGC Business Advisors, use in excess of ten times the average usage of all customers is considered excessive use. Without limiting other factors that may be measured, some examples of the sort of factors that WGC Business Advisors considers under this policy include: number of automated feeds used, number of transactions and files processed and number of support calls received.

If WGC Business Advisors think data history shows excessive use - WGC Business Advisors we may refuse Clients and/or Guests access to this feature.

IIlegal Use 
Should the WGC Business Advisors Application or service be used for any illegal purpose - either under the terms of the End User Licence Agreement or as defined by common law, WGC Business Advisors reserves the right to suspend access to the service or any other feature immediately, without notice to Clients and/or Guests.

WGC Business Advisors may update this Fair Use Policy from time to time to reflect company and customer feedback or improve the services provided.

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