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    Graeme White

    Founding Director: 23.09.1950 - 23.05.2018

    In Memoriam

    Highly Respected Advisor - Colleague - Friend - Innovator - Mentor and Practitioner.

    Founding Director - WGC Business Advisors.

    There is an immeasurable loss being felt - a feeling which shall be Everlasting in so many ways.

    Graeme’s Legacy Lives On.

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    Nicole Mills

    Managing Director

    Nicole has over 30 years experience in the area of Practice and Business Management. As Managing Director Nicole has a holistic approach to the Firm ensuring all facets of Staff - Client Care and daily business operations are addressed. In addition Nicole also enables the Leadership - Business - Practice Development and Marketing of the Firm.


    • Administration

    • Business Development

    • HR

    • IT

    • Marketing

    • Practice Management

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    Tony Grosso


    Tony has over 33 years experience in the SME market providing high level business and tax advice to Clients. This knowledge coupled with vast experience has proved to be invaluable on many occasions where expert opinion has been required.


    • Business Structuring Advice

    • International Taxation

    • Business Development & Planning

    • Business Acquisitions

    • SME Taxation Advice

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    Leanne Connor


    Leanne has over 30 years experience in the Accounting and Business Services arena. Leanne is committed to providing technical excellence and a personalised service to each client that is specific to individual circumstances.


    • Self Managed Superannuation

    • Business Structuring Advice

    • Business Development & Planning

    • SME Taxation Advice

    • Family Succession and Estate Planning

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    Grant Leverington


    Grant has over 14 years experience in the accounting industry. As Associate Director,  Grant has extensive experience with high net worth family groups and SMEs. Grant’s commitment to technical excellence and client value added service fosters a positive association encompassing both advice and service.


    • SME Taxation Advice

    • High Net Worth Individuals

    • International Taxation

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    Ben Gordon


    Ben has over 13 years experience in the accounting industry. Ben’s experience with SMEs and large Private Companies has allowed the development of associations with clients in a range of industries and enabled a dedication to technical expertise and ensures a positive outcome with client advice and value added service.


    • SME Taxation Advice

    • High Net Worth Individuals

    • Business Structuring Advice

    • Accounting Standards


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    Vusi Nxele


    Vusi is CPA qualified and has over 10 years experience in Accounting and Taxation, predominantly in Business Services and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.  Vusi has expertise in providing specific tax advice for SMEs and family groups in a variety of different industries.  In addition, Vusi places a high level of importance on value added service for Clients.

  • Jane-Tolfo.jpg

    Jane Tolfo


    Jane is CA qualified and has over 15 years experience in the accounting industry, predominantly in Business Services and Self-Managed Superannuation.  Jane is committed to providing technical excellence and value added services.

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    Christina Fitzgerald


    Christina is CPA qualified and has over 11 years experience within the Accounting & Taxation industry. Christina has exposure across a broad range of industries - including construction & land development - entertainment - professional services - medical and transport with varying family group structures. Christina seeks to provide technical taxation excellence with a client focused view.      

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    Colin Lee


    Colin is a CPA qualified senior accounting professional with over 13 years experience in Professional Practice Tax and Business Services.  Colin has expertise in Financial Accounting - Taxation Returns - Special Purpose and General Purpose Financial Reporting - Financial Analysis and Management Accounting.  Colin is committed to achieving the goals and objectives of the WGC Team and Clients.

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    Priya Karan


    Priya has over 5 years experience in Accounting and Taxation with broad exposure to family groups, SMEs and Self-Managed Superannuation Fund compliance and administration. Priya believes strongly in providing value added service for Clients.

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    Tyron Piper


    Tyron has over 7 years experience in Accounting - Business Advisory and  Taxation and has dealt with various industries during that time - including SME’s - Family Groups - and High Net Worth Individuals. Tyron also has Experience in the IT Arena which couples well with the advancement of technology in the Accounting Field.

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    Eddie Jin 


    Eddie is CPA qualified and an SMSF specialist advisor with more than 5 years experience in Accounting, Business Advisory and Taxation. Eddie believes in consistently adding value and service excellence for SMEs and high net worth individuals.

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    Vinal Kumar


    Vinal has over 8 years experience in Business Advisory - Tax Planning and Tax Compliance Accounting.  Vinal is extremely Client oriented and has broad experience across numerous industries - embracing the opportunity to build great - long standing relationships with Clients.

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    Tanya Misiurak


    Tanya has over 3 years experience in the Accounting Profession. Tanya is involved with the provision of Accounting and Taxation including the preparation of Activity Statements and Tax Returns. Tanya has experience in many industries and believes in providing value added solutions to Clients.

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    Bridget Tenace


    In various capacities throughout her professional career, Bridget has acquired experience in banking and accounting services - and has 6 months experience working in Tax. Bridget is focused on achieving client satisfaction and working with key stakeholders to identify their needs and achieve optimal outcomes.

  • WGC10-LenaLimPhotography-3.jpg

    Kate Little


    Kate has over 3 years experience in the Accounting industry and has dealt with various other industries during that time. Kate also has experience in the Legal area which couples well with the regular changes to taxation law. Kate seeks to provide technical taxation excellence as well as always putting Clients interest first.

  • WGC10-LenaLimPhotography-1.jpg

    Claire Miles


    Claire is CA qualified and has over 3 years experience in Business Services Accounting. Claire is committed to providing timely technical taxation excellence as well as always putting clients interest first.

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    Sam Bosquet


    Sam has a mid-tier background and over two years experience in Accounting.  Sam has worked with Clients of various industries and works with the WGC Team to assist with Client Accounting and Compliance requirements - ensuring valued added service.

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    Yana Gapon

    SMSF Accountant

    Yana is an SMSF Accountant with 4 years of experience.  A Bachelor of Accounting and CPA Qualified - Yana has experience in preparation of Financial Statements - BAS - GST and Income Tax Returns for SMSFs - ensuring the SMSFs meet all compliance and legislative requirements.  Yana is committed to ensuring the delivery of excellent Client Service at all times.

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    Eloisa Aranjuez


    Eloisa is an experienced Bookkeeper with over 5 years of experience in Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms and as an Internal Bookkeeper.   As a qualified Bookkeeper with a Bachelor of Business Accounting Degree and currently undertaking Certificate III in Business Administration - Eloisa is passionate about service - is Client focused and takes pride in being efficient and proactive.

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    Brent Mulready

    Administration/Finance Manager

    Brent has over 12 years experience in the area of Administration and Finance and assists with Administration, Company Accounting, Tax Tracking and YETP.

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    Kristy Wojcik

    Office Manager

    Kristy has over 14 years experience in Administration within the Accounting industry, with expertise including Income Tax Returns, BAS & IAS Lodgement, in addition to ASIC and Corporate Compliance.  Kristy assists with Practice Management issues including HR and Marketing and has a passion for Client Care and Client Service.

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    Nicole Wyatt

    Administration Assistant

    Nicole has over 2 years experience in Reception and General Administration and has a strong commitment to the development of General Administration and Procedures.

    Nicole has a passion for Client Care and Quality Service.

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    Waiza Imran

    Administration Assistant

    Waiza has over 1 years experience in Reception and General Administration. Waiza also manages ASIC/Corporate Compliance and is committed to various WGC Marketing Initiatives. In addition Waiza assists with HR Procedures and is passionate about Client Care and Service.


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