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WGC are committed to providing high quality advisory services and technical expertise in a timely manner and in accordance with the WGC Service Suite to Clients and the wider community.

WGC work in close collaboration with Clients to proactively identify and meet and exceed Clients needs and expectations.

The WGC Client Care Charter sets out the Service Standards that can be expected from WGC and how WGC commits to delivering these Services.

The Provision of Service to WGC Clients is Paramount.  WGC aim to Provide Clients and the Wider Community - Optimum Support and a Holistic Approach to the WGC Service Suite.


WGC have set the following Service Standards so that Clients and the Wider Community know what to expect when Dealing with WGC.

Service Standards



  WGC are Committed to Enable:


  • Provision of Exceptional Value Add Client Care


  • Ongoing Improvement of Processes and Procedures


  • Delivery Timely - Quality and Technical Advice (Initial Email Response within 24 Hours)


  • Innovative and Progressive Solutions

  WGC Service to Clients:


  WGC Strive to always treat Clients with Integrity and Honesty.

  As a Result - WGC Services to Clients Aim to Be:


  • Efficient


  • Accurate

  • Reliable


The WGC Team Aim to Ensure:


  • Accessibility (Phone Messages/Emails Checked and Actioned if on Leave at Least Three Times Daily)


  • Provision - Timely Accurate and Meaningful Information


  • Accept and Respond to Client Feedback

WGC Values Uphold Principles:


  • Ethics 


  • Honesty

  • Integrity



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