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WGC Business Advisors Pty Ltd (WGC) provides specialist advice and assistance to Trustees with the administration and strategic use of SMSFs.

Advice is also provided in general areas of superannuation and estate planning, such as accounting, administration, taxation and legislative compliance.


WGC assists with the planning and management of the Superannuation implications through all stages of a member’s investment lifecycle, including advice in relation to maximising contributions, making preparation for retirement, providing benefits in retirement and mitigating the tax ultimately payable by beneficiaries of a deceased member’s account balance.


The role of WGC is to maximise the taxation benefits afforded to SMSFs whilst successfully navigating the increasingly complex rules governing these structures - and having the ability to communicate these rules to Trustees in a clear and concise manner.


WGC will guide you through this maze of complexity in relation to contributions, retirement income streams and social security rules to ensure your income needs are satisfied, whilst minimising the tax payable and maximising any social security entitlements. Planning so your capital is not prematurely exhausted is also a priority which needs to be addressed.



SMSF Administration & Taxation:  WGC will take complete care of a Clients SMSF - including setup - accounting - financial - tax returns and audit.

Should the Trustees of an SMSF require specialist advice from a Licenced Financial Adviser - WGC will undertake to manage this referral in a timely and professional manner.

SMSF Establishment:  A Self Managed Superannuation Fund needs to be set up correctly so that it is eligible for Tax Concessions - can receive Contributions and is as easy as possible to Administer.  WGC can manage the establishment of an SMSF ensuring a streamlined process.


Superannuation Strategic Advice:  WGC can offer advice to help Clients with Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF Strategy) whether a Retiree who is self- funded - a Business Owner looking to maximise assets within Super or an Individual wanting to take control of the Superannuation Investments.  WGC is committed to managing the referral to a Licenced Financial Adviser to monitor maximising returns through Strategic Investments.

Income Stream Management:  An SMSF can pay benefits to a Member as an Income Stream (Pension) if the Member has met one of the conditions of release.  WGC can assist Clients with the commencement of an Income Stream and record maintenance - including but not limited to minimum payments and managing the assets that support a Pension.  WGC can also provide assistance with the ending of a Pension.

Contributions:  Concessional Contributions are Contributions made into the SMSF that are included in the SMSFs assessable income.  These Contributions are taxed in the SMSF at a ‘Concessional’ rate of 15% - which is often referred to as ‘Contributions Tax’.  WGC is able to guide Clients in relation to Contribution Rules that maximise a Client’s financial and income tax position.

Fund Rollover:  A Rollover is when a Member transfers some or all of the existing Superannuation between Funds.  WGC can assist Clients with the Fund Rollover process - into a Self Managed Superannuation Fund as appropriate.

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