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WGC Private Group Services (WGCPGS) provides Clients and Family peace of mind - devoid from the burden associated with financial management.

WGCPGS adopts an approach of being an office extension of a Clients Business. 


By understanding Clients vision for the future - WGCPGS partner with Clients to develop a Family Office tailored to Clients needs. 


WGCPGS simplify the complexities of Clients financial affairs and manage the risks associated with a constantly changing environment.


WGCPGS offer a broad range of services for individuals and families.  WGCPGS provide an integrated approach to managing Clients financial affairs. 


WGCPGS will also work with a Clients Team of trusted Business and Financial Advisors to help Clients develop strategies to meet desired and required objectives.


In addition - an extension to this service is to address the day-to-day Record Keeping involved in Clients governing a successful Business - by delivering accurate and timely Data and Reports (Aim via Cloud Technology) - enabling WGCPGS Clients to make the best Business decisions with exact and relevant information.


Whether you are considering establishing a Family Office or would like to utilise the services of WGCPGS - WGCPGS can support and guide Clients through the decision making process.  From Cost Benefit Analysis of the choices available - to a complete design of a Clients Virtual Family Office.

Proactivity + Certainty + Trust = Peace of Mind.

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Trust - Strategy 

1   Administrative Services

2   Accounts Reconciliation 

     -  Accounts Payable & Receivable 

     -  Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations

     -  Balance Sheet Reconciliations

     -  Fixed Asset Maintenance  

     -  Processing & Reconciling Sales 
     -  Processing & Reconciling Purchases

3   Real Time Reporting

     -  Monthly, Quarterly and Year End Accounts Preparation & Reporting 

     -  Preparation of Management Reports 

4   Accounts Payable & Receivable 

     -  Cheque Book & Bank Account Management 

     -  Creditor Liasion

     -  Debtor Collection

5   Employee Payroll & Management

     -  Employee Maintenance

     -  Payroll, Super & Payroll Tax Requirements

     -  Payroll Management ie. Leave Accruals - Termination Payments - Paid Parental Leave etc

Proactivity - Advisory

6   Operational Business Issues

     -  Systems and Processes Review & Development 

7   Training & Education

     -  Commercial Guidance 

8   Cashflow Management & Budgeting 

     -  Budgets & Forecasting

Certainty - Governance 

9   Compliance & Regulatory Assistance 

     -  Statutory Compliance

     -  Preparation of Activity Statements - BAS & IAS 

     -  Workers Compensation

     -  Processes and Policy 

     Reporting & Record Maintenance

     -  Installation and Conversion of Software 


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