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WGC define a Family Office as the functional Team that supports Families with intergenerational wealth.  WGC Family Office enables the Private Financial Affairs and Capital of a Family to be managed.

When wealth accumulates in a Family and is passed on through one generation to another - the complexity of wealth management and preservation increases.

There is no such thing as a typical Family.  WGC know from experience that every Family and every Individual within a Family is unique and has different aspirations and motivations.


WGC Family Office Clients can expect a co-ordinated and disciplined approach to managing financial affairs - with the assurance WGC has the ability to separate Business and Private Financial Affairs for confidentiality reasons.

Significant wealth requires Specialist Advice.  Whether WGC Clients’ wealth is created or inherited - WGC provide a level of service distinguished by discretion and advice - guided first and foremost by what matters most to WGC Family Office Clients.

WGC Family Office enables the WGC Family Office Clients to outsource the day to day management of financial affairs - enabling WGC Family Office Clients to have piece of mind that all affairs are being professionally managed.

WGC Family Office provides access to structures and management for Family Wealth preservation until younger Family Members reach the age and maturity to responsibly manage their own affairs


WGC bespoke solutions for Families mean WGC take the time help identify their purpose - vision and values and acquire a deep understanding of the Family Office Client current circumstances and what the aim is to be achieved over the long term - across generations.

WGC clarify what matters most to the Family and help structure and approach - with solutions to guide the future.  WGC helps successful Families achieve greater focus - which provides the Family Office Client the best chance of success in delivering on their purpose and transitioning wealth to future generations.


The WGC Family Office support can extend to

  • Family Advisory

  • Family Governance and decision-making processes

  • Education of Family Members

  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfers

  • Asset Protection

  • Philanthropy

  • Financial Administration

  • Tax Compliance

  • Assistance with seeking professional advice in relation to Investment Management and Legal Advice


Ultimately - WGC Family Office is all about maintaining harmony amongst WGC Family Office Clients and at the same time - managing the Family wealth and protecting Family assets in the most effective manner possible.

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