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Issues regarding Corporate Governance have become increasingly important for companies to consider in light of the number of recent - high profile corporate collapses. 

WGC understand the importance of having specific rules in place to ensure that the conduct and actions of Senior Management are in the best interests of the company as a whole and do not favour themselves or specific shareholders.

By setting up - following up and communicating a clear delegation of authority - employees recognise the decisions that they can and cannot make on their own.

In the absence of clear delegation of duties and corporate governance - Clients company may encounter difficulties raising capital or arranging finance through loans. It can also result in internal disputes - that if managed poorly can be costly and could lead to the failure of the business. 

It is important to get corporate governance right.

WGC will be partner with Clients in guiding through the complexities of writing and implementing corporate rules and regulations. Typical issues that need to be addressed include: 

  • Audit independence 

  • Financial Statement integrity 

  • Executive Remuneration

  • Corporate Disclosures and investor information 

  • Board composition - performance and review

  • Analyst independence

  • Shareholder voting rules and company meeting conduct

  • Strategy setting and monitoring 

  • Management Information Systems 

  • Authority and Reporting Guidelines.

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