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An Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) can assist Clients business to retain staff - improve performance - encourage employees to invest professionally in the business they work in and more closely align employees performance with company financial and business objectives.

ESOP design is critical to the success of a Clients plan.  

A WGC Advisor can ensure a Clients business has the right expertise from the beginning and guide Clients through all legal - taxation and other regulatory issues.

To decide whether an ESOP is appropriate for the business - a business needs to consider its Remuneration Strategy.

An ESOP is a long term Remuneration Strategy.  If a Clients business is trying to achieve a result in a relatively short period of time - a short term strategy may be more appropriate.  

A short term strategy could include annual bonuses linked to business unit performance.  ESOP’s and short term strategies do not need to be exclusive.


WGC can assist Clients to work through the design options and decide on the most appropriate ESOP for the business.

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