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WGC are dedicated to helping Families find positive outcomes for their business and personal objectives.

The combination of WGC expertise - insight and empathy enables WGC to ask the difficult questions and explore every aspect of the family dynamics.


Only when WGC have achieved a holistic understanding of the Family’s unique circumstances do WGC develop the strategies that will help realise the Family’s aspirations while providing the best possible chance for Family harmony and continuity.

At WGC it is understood that Family Businesses have a range of unique challenges and strengths.  Successful Family Businesses have a good combination of professional and personal interests in the business with a focus on a healthy Family dynamic.

WGC works with Family Businesses to help them create the balance between Family and business needs - planning for succession - implementing governance frameworks and policies and procedures to ensure the success of the Family’s Business.

One of the main issues faced by Family Businesses is lack of independence.  WGC can provide this independence and advise on and chair planning sessions - systematically work through issues - then write and review the outcomes into Clients Family Business Plan. 

This can help Clients gain a greater understanding of what changes should be implemented and what should be preserved.

Together WGC will work through questions involving Family and Non-Family employees - plans for survival - success and succession - protections from Family disputes - divorce or death - ways to create and maintain Family objectives and mentoring and training systems.

WGC know that a Clients company is not 'just a business'.  


A WGC Advisor in Family Business will get to know Clients and the Family Business's culture before recommending strategies for growth.

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