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WGC can provide the tool to forecast a business' financial performance into the future.

The forecast is typically based on the business/organisations historical performance - assumptions about the future - and requires preparing an income statement - balance sheet - cash flow statement and supporting schedules. 

More advanced financial models include discounted cash flow analysis (DCF model) - leveraged-buyout (LBO) - mergers and acquisitions (M&A) ans sensitivity analysis. 

The output of a financial model prepared by WGC is then utilised for decision making and performing financial analysis - whether inside or outside of the business/organisation.

WGC is able to interpret the Financial Model with Clients to make decisions in reference to: 

  • Raising capital (debt and/or equity)

  • Making acquisitions (business and/or/assets)

  • Growing the Business organically (ie. expansion - opening new stores, entering new markets, etc.)

  • Selling or divesting assets and Business units

  • Budgeting and forecasting (planning for the years ahead)

  • Capital allocation (priority of which projects to invest)

  • Valuing a Business

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