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The WGC Value proposition is providing comprehensive planning services to families - bridging the gap between generations and facilitating  discussions around Clients wealth. 

One of the biggest challenges of Generational Planning is how to bridge the communication gap between the different generations. Generational Planning focuses on long-term - multi-generational wealth. The emphasis is on how to maximise wealth within the family lineage over a period of decades. 

WGC divide Generational Planning into two fronts: the current and the future generations.

The younger generations must learn to be good stewards of wealth. Communicating with the current generation can set strong financial fundaments for the next generation to mimic. 


If Clients wish to successfully transfer wealth to children and grandchildren - there needs to be a discussion with heirs about sound habitual funds. 

WGC can provide the safe and structured framework for this to occur. WGC considers education an imperative component of Generational Planning. 


WGC recommend  educating heirs to best set them up for future success. Discussing how to manage inheritances can be a touchy subject.

WGC can help move those conversations along to better avoid wealth-draining traps like entitlement - careless spending and unrealistic expectations.

From financial budgeting to individual and family sessions - WGC can provide children the means to become successful stewards of Clients wealth. 

The quest for WGC is to provide for the highest and best use of family assets over time. In many instances - this objective is achieved with the installation of Trusts - Family Limited Partnerships and/or Family Banks.

Generational Planning requires the active management of the Client - the Clients children and in many instances - the Clients grandchildren. The WGC focus is on the Client. In every element of Generational Planning - WGC will respect the Clients privacy relative to the involvement of the Clients heirs.

As the Client Desires - WGC offer a Multi-Generational Meeting and workshop process to engage the Client heirs in the design of the Multi-Generational Plan. 

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