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The International Taxation landscape is constantly changing.  Whether Clients are setting up a foreign-owned business in Australia or are a local business dealing with overseas customers or suppliers - Clients can benefit from WGC International Tax advice.

A WGC Advisor will help navigate the Australian Tax implications of a Clients business structure and transactions - avoiding the pitfalls that can arise from cross border dealings. 

WGC has up-to-date and in-depth expertise in this field and can advise on various aspects of International Tax.  WGC also have access to taxation expertise in many overseas jurisdictions.

If inexperienced with International Tax Law - WGC Tax can identify - manage and review the following to help understand business obligations in Australia:

  • Transfer pricing advice and reviews

  • Withholding tax obligations on payments made to non-residents

  • Business structuring implications

  • Employee issues

  • Financing choices and decisions

  • International Tax treaties

  • Tax obligations across more than one Tax jurisdiction

  • Taxation risks

  • ATO Audit activity.

International Tax is complex and dynamic.  Allow WGC Tax to help plan the way to a successful business.

If Specialist Advisers are required - WGC will commit to guiding Clients through the process. 

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