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WGC will assist Clients scope - shape and maintain the Reporting Structure appropriate for Clients business's size - objectives and future direction.

Key benefits will include:

  • Structured approach to strategy - financial management and risk

  • Timely and relevant reporting to the Advisory Board

  • Different insights and perspectives on issues facing the company

  • Interaction of people with diverse skill sets in one forum

  • Appropriate internal controls - delegation of authority and risk management

  • Enhanced reach through broader networks

  • Increased readiness for succession including Trade Sale - Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Management Buyout

  • Improved performance through tiered reporting through Management.

As WGC Clients' business grow - the role of the owner often changes - or a broader mix of skills is needed to participate in discussions around strategy and governance. 

WGC regularly participate on Clients' Boards as non-executive members or as members of a Client Advisory Board.


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