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WGC understand a step-by-step guide to Retirement Planning is the first crucial part of designing a Retirement Plan that alleviates the worry connected with Retirement.

Some Clients dream about the day arriving to finally stop work - whilst other Clients want to keep contributing as long as possible - perhaps working part-time into their late 60s and 70s. Other Clients simply put off thinking about Retirement.


Ultimately the sooner Clients start planning - the better the chances of making the most of the Retirement years. The stark reality is there could be many of them.

WGC will guide Clients through the seven simple steps to commence working through the Retirement Planning process:

Step 1          Dare to Dream - How do Clients want to live in Retirement ie. Home v Aged Care - Holidays and creature comforts


Step 2          What will Retirement cost?


Step 3          How much is enough to live the dream?


Step 4          Reality check. Plan for a long life


Step 5          Total value of current assets?


Step 6          On track to reach Financial Retirement Target?


Step 7          Closing the Gap


By the end of guided process - Clients will be able to:







Should the Client require specialist financial planning advice from a licenced Financial Planner - WGC will undertake to manage this referral in a timely and professional manner.

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