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Succession Planning remains a significant issue for family business owners in Australia - with a range of economic and business factors placing increased emphasis on proper planning.  Many find that exit planning has been left too late and do not have adequate plans in place.

WGC experienced Business Succession Advisors work with Clients through every step to ensure that the business and its owners are given the level of support and guidance that is required.

It is important that individual and business requirements are discussed and carefully considered within each personalised plan. 

WGC understand that "letting go of the reigns" is very difficult for family business owners who have been actively involved for many years.  The approach of WGC helps to make this process as smooth as possible - with a focus on the future success of the business.

A WGC Advisor can assist in the implementation of appropriate governance - risk management and reporting systems that are designed to give business owners knowledge and security as they transition to a less "hands on" role.  

WGC can also assist with the recruitment and selection of key personnel and act as a "sounding board" to management if required.

WGC Succession Advisors can work with Clients to ensure security for family - business and personally - whilst developing the optimum strategy for a successful succession process.  

There are a number of Succession options available to Clients to ensure the value of the business is protected - including:

  • Sale of business

  • Generational Succession

  • Employee/Management Buy Out

  • Structured realisation of assets

  • Public Listing.

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