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The complexity of Australian Taxation Law means that it makes sense to take a proactive approach to reducing Tax risks.


While the Australian Taxation System largely relies on self-assessment and voluntary compliance - the Australian Taxation Office has increased its Audit activity in recent years.

The WGC Team can help Clients navigate both Domestic and International Taxation Laws to identify any compliance issues faced by Clients specific business.

WGC will reduce Clients risk of non-compliance - help prepare the business for a potential ATO audit and - in the event of an Audit - liaise on Clients behalf.

Engaging a WGC Advisor to deal with ATO Audit activity can reduce time - stress and costs.

By drawing on the experience of WGC - compliance risks can be identified and resolved early. WGC can serve Clients business in many ways:

  • Undertake a Tax Risk Assessment

  • Ensure Clients documentation and record keeping is adequate - particularly in relation to transactions subject to ATO Audit scrutiny

  • Deal with the ATO on Clients behalf during an Audit

  • Manage the Audit process

  • Negotiate the best solution for Clients business in the event of an Audit.

Using the WGC Australian Tax System expertise to assist with preparation in this area allows peace of mind - whether or not a Clients business is audited.

Quite often if subjected to an ATO Audit - potentially there will be the need for engagement of specialist Legal Advisers.  WGC will commit to effective management of this referral in a timely and professional manner and regularly liaise with the specialist Legal Adviser as required.

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