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WGC provides advice that is tailored to meet Clients specific individual and business needs and goals. WGC assists Clients plan ahead.

It is the business of WGC to keep Clients apprised of legislative developments and compliance requirements to ensure the business runs without unnecessary distractions.

A WGC Tax Advisor will:

  • Ensure understanding of the Tax consequences of business decisions

  • Work together on short and long term goals

  • Keep abreast of Taxation Developments as they affect the business

  • Identify areas for potential savings across Direct and Indirect Taxes

  • Minimise Business and Personal Tax

  • Guide Succession and Estate Planning

  • Undertake Year end Tax Planning.


As Taxation affects every corner of a Clients business - it is important to be well planned.


A WGC Advisor can assist in all aspects of Tax Planning so that Clients can minimise the Tax impact on the business - while meeting compliance and reporting requirements.

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